FDR Post Office and Office Building

Owner: Coley Properties
Location: 909 Third Avenue
New York, NY
Levels: Office Tower - 27 stories
Post Office Base - 5 stories
Basement - 2 stories below grade

Post office base and basements constructed of cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete beams and slab supported by steel columns. The Office tower is constructed of cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete flat plate with drop heads supported by steel columns. Total area is 1,250,000 S.F. with 30' x 30' structural bay size.


Tatnall Tower

Owner: Tatnall Tower Associates
Location: Tenth & Tatnall Street
Wilmington, DE
Levels: Office - 12 stories over parking
Parking - 5 floors over retail space
Ground floor retail space
Basement - 1 story below grade
Parking Spaces: 545

Office building portion constructed of 27.5' x 35' structural steel bays with lightweight concrete fill on metal deck. Office framing transferred to 35' x 55' long span bay size used throughout the remaining portions of the building. Parking levels constructed of precast concrete cored plank bearing on steel. Plan area is 31,100 S.F. and total area is 468,600 S.F.


Watergate Stage III - Apartment Building

Owner: Watergate Development Corp.
Location: Washington, DC
Levels: 13 stories above grade
2 basements
Parking Spaces: 150

15' x 24' (varies) structural bay size using cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete flat plate. Foundation constructed of concrete spread footings. Total area is 420,000 S.F.